If you ask yourself, who is this guy; Just read on...

This Webpage

A wise man once said, just write about things you know and you are still fascinated in. So this is what I try to do. On my private webpage / blog you will find collections of code snippets, small tools and ‘how tos’ - mostly related to games I currently play or have played in my spare time. This is totaly my hobby so no commercial objective. Cause I'm a native german the main language of this blog is german too. Most Downloads and special content may be available in English. Like the most tech-addicted so called “nerds”, the game itself isnt enough for me. I always go one step further and try to improve by creating handy tools or fixes. Almost all tools/addons you find here are open source and available free of charge.

About Me

My Name is Marco G, and I am currently living in Bochum - Germany. I got my first personal computer (PC) in 1987, and since then I have been, more or less, addicted to games and much more in the technical related things in the Background of my fav. Games. I have fond memories of games such as Elite, Zak McKracken, Kings Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and spent many hours with Dune, Doom and Rise of the Triad. Due to this "addiction" :) my wish was to get into this Gaming-Biz. The Heroes of my youth werent Superman or Batman, no. I always looked up to people like Richard Garriot, Warren Spector, John Carmack or Chris Roberts.

When I finished the technical college, there was nothing much gaming-related in Germany, besides a few magazines. This was unsatisfactory to me so I decided to go my own way as a Co-Founder of a new company. As of today, our company has been running for more than 15 years, providing services to companies in the gaming industry. This circumstance gave me the possibility to work for a vary of Company's like Activision, Bethesda, Blizzard, Microsoft, Sqaure Enix, Nintendo, Ubisoft and many many more.

As written before, this Blog is totaly my hobby - feel free to follow me. on various social networks. If you ever need a technical problem solver or anything related to Event-IT feel free to contact me.