Had alot of troubles regarding this. Merging a Huge SVN platform server to another server with a other linux distribution and everything seems to be blown up:


svn: Unable to open an ra_local session to URL
svn: Unable to open repository '#'
svn: Berkeley DB error for filesystem /SVN/db while opening environment:
DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version mismatch
svn: bdb: Program version 4.2 doesnt match environment version


Conv Script

# Goto you SVN rep dir e.g. /SVN/
cd /SVN
# Backup the broken repository
cp -pr myrep myrep.bak
# goto the db directory of the broken repository
cd myrep/db
# cleanup the databases (be sure to have a backup ready)
rm *s __db.* log.*
# goto the backuped db folder
cd /SVN/myrep.bak/db
# Dump current DB to actual db
for dbfile in *s; do db4.2_dump | db4.2_load -h ../../myrep/db ; done
# That's all, if it succeeded you can now reuse your SVN


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