Ok this post is written in English cause the major part of people interested in could be from the US/Canada. Tumblr isn`t used in germany soooo much, instead we do have those "Facebook Addicted" more than enough ^^

Back to Topic, I searched a Feedburner Feedflare for Tumblr - not as easy as I thought so stopped wasting Time and created my own small Tumblr Feedflare. At the end it`s just a definition in XML so easy going.

This is how the Tumblr FeedFlare look like:

Feedburner FeedFlare for Tumblr

Tumblr FeedFlare Feedburner

How to add the Tumblr Feedflare ?

Simple, in the Feedburner Flare Options: Optimize > FeedFlare. Just navigate to the Input Form "Add New Flare" and paste this URL:


After a succesful add the Tumblr Feedflare should look like this:

Personal FeedFlare, TumblrShareFlare

Nothing brilliant just a minimalistic FeedFlare doing it`s job.

Have fun!

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