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sol HighSlide for Joomla 1.5


HighSlide is a JS similar to lightbox / greybox / slimbox and many others but I prefere the Style much more.  Instead of poping up and fading out the website it give  the user the feeling not to seperate the photo from the page.


- min Joomla 1.5 - for Thumbnail functions you need GD Lib installed - The Highslide Script itselfI take no Credit for the HighSlide Script, I just done the Plugin for Joomla. The Highslide Module itself was programmed by the Norwegian Author "Torstein Honsi" Highslide JS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. So get this Plugin running you need to Download Highslide spearately from the authors webpage, you can get it here.


1. Download the latest Version of Highslide from 2. Unpack the highslide directory to the root of your Joomla 1.5 installation. It's important to put it in /highslide/ 3. Install this Plugin in Joomla, Activate it in the Pluginmanager. There are some configuration options available.


There are two method how to use this Plugin. 1) using lightbox rel tags
If it is suc. installed the Plugin will rewrite all lightbox tags to use highslide instead. So if you have a Image Thumbnail simple enclose it in a tag which link to the full size image. Add a rel=''lightbox'' to the href tag. If you use a XML-RPC API in combination with e.g. Livewriter like I do this is easy possible because Livewriter adds the Lightbox code by it self on publish.Alternatively you directly can call the HS Script with this Syntax.
2) using a own highslide tag with autothumbnail generation
In case of not using external tools like Livewriter it is easier to use a code snipet to automaticaly get your thumbnails build. The usage is very simple just ensure your image is placed into the /images/stories/ folder. For example if you want to show a highslide thumbnail of your image "cherry.jpg" in the subfolder "fruit" you just have to put this between the HS code:alt
3) using with "hsgal" tag to implement automatic Gallerys

You can read the full description of the hsgal tag on a extra page.


This Plugin is licensed under the Creative Commons License "Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0" By using this Module you agree in this License. For Commercial use please contact me at


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You can find some Questions and hopefully the Answers in a Forum Post I opened for the Highslide Plugin. Plugin Forumthreads


(!) Bugfix (+) New Feature (*) Change1.74+ Added Config Options for Cache ! fixed cache problem: Forum Post.1.73! small bugfixes ! Fix in thumbnail generation1.72+ Added the Gallery Feature, you can use {hsgal:test} to insert a automatic generated Gallery with Thumbnails test is in the example the directory where the Images are stored in. You need to put it in the default Media Folder /images/stories/ Find a mroe detailed description of how to use this Feature here. * check for Updates is now default off * Thumbnail Size is now default 220 x 1601.71+ possibility to select HS override Symbol for CaptionText & or | + Caching for Thumbnails1.7! embedded IE fix reported by Siddan ! fix IE DS Bug ! embedded Klaus code fixes for W3C (former 1.6 by Klaus) + added update check into debugger * XML changed to debug default = 11.51+ Better routine for Thumbnail generation (rotate) ! Fixed DS slash bug which happens on windows hosts ! Smaller fixes1.5+ Several enhancements for the Thumbnail generator, you now have the possibility to chose from different Thumb. styles1.4+ Added Force JS Include function, this enable use of HS in pre content articles 1.3+ Added Debug option to Plugin Configuration * Applied changes uploaded by klaus in forum post1.2+ Added hs.css to plugin so behavior of caption titles is now correct + Added the possibility to autogenerate thumbnails, thanks to klaus * language file for description added ! If more than one image is displayed on a page the header code is only inserted once. Not one time for each image.1.0.5+ billeebs changes1.0.4+ more outline Types, rewrite code parts1.0.3! several bugfixes1.0.2 + Opacity Setting to Config + Loading IMG to JS Loader + Script decide automaticaly to load the nec. JS FULLpacked or DEFpacked1.0.1 ! Fixed bug with "Show Credit"1.0.0 Initial release

✉ Marco Götze//