discontinuedFirst at all ChatMOD is a Plugin for the MMORPG - World of Warcraft, written in my active time 2006. It's a universal Chat Enhancemend. Original this was called "Sol's Color chat Nicks - SCCN" but after many people told me that they hardly find this mod I decided to rename it to it's actual purpose.

So What can ChatMOD do for me ?

ChatMOD provides many features which makes chatting / communication InGame much easier. To grab some examples: It color the nicknames of chat participants in their class color, stores this information in a database, provide modificaton of the chatframe like mouse scrolling, button hiding, chat editbox movement, channel name striping, channel name shortening, text highlighting, sound notifications, and many many more. The target was to build one Addon which contain the most important chat enhancements. So for the user it is easier to update one Addon than updating 10 addons after each patch.

Will this Addon be Updated steadily ?

More or less, Yes. But as every Addon author I'm doing this in my sparetime besides the Gameplay itself. So on first priority is my Druid on EU-Aegwynn but because I'm started to develop this Addon in the beginning for my own purpose I will update it as long as I'm plaing wow. And at the moment I don't have any plan to quit ;) So If you have any Suggestions or wan't to offer any support, feel free to contact me.

How to Install ?

Extract the content of the ZIP File to you World of Warcraft Addon directory. e.g.:"C:\GAMES\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\" Make sure to extract this files into a directory called "ChatMOD" else it wouldn't work.

Command List:

/chatmod brings up GUI /chatmod ? lists commands /chatmod chatstring Toggle the way messages are disoplayed /chatmod timestamp to turn off Timestamps. (IMPORTANT – see Readme.html for all parameters for this command. /clear or /cls This commands clear every visible chatframe. /chatmod initchan <channelname> Which channel to start with when logging in. /chatmod hidechanname = Will supress the Channelname (default: off) /chatmod colornicks = Toggle Nick coloring on and off (default: on) /chatmod purge = Start the normal purge process done every start /chatmod timestamp = add a timestamp /chatmod topeditbox = relocate the editbox to the top of the chatframe /chatmod autodismount toggle Auto Dismount feature /chatmod autogossipskip toggle Gossip Skip Feature /chatmod shortchanname ,displays a shorter version of the channelname /chatmod highlight ; Specify customized highlightwords /chatmod AutoBGMap ; toggle bgminimap autotoggeling /chatmod editboxkeys are back /chatmod hidechatbuttons Command to hide the chat buttons /chatmod status Display current settings /chatmod selfhighlightmsg /chatmod selfhighlight /chatmod killdb empty the database of know player -> class /chatmod clickinvite enable click invite /chatmod hyperlink enable hyperlink catcher /chatmod colormap Colors the map pin's of raid users in their class color /chatmod mousescroll toggles mouse scrolling of chat window? (only documented in the screenshot) /chatmod chatlink toggle the Chatlink item posting in custom channels on / off/seen <playername> Show up Player information about the requested playername

How to use ?

Just type /chatmod in game and use the GUI or /chatmod ? for command line options. There are some additional Commands which can be used. In general each GUI Command is also available by commandline but not every commandline option is toggleable by the UI.To keep this short I only write down the commands which are not accessible by the GUI. Each command have to be passed to Chatmod as paramenter /chatmod <parameter> for example to pass the timestamp command to Chatmod you have to type in /chatmod timestamp /chatmod timestamp This command alow to customize the timestamp. It is neccessary to provide a 2nd parameter which is interpreted as the Timestamp. If you leave this 2nd par. empty the timestamp is disabled. Example: /chatmod timestamp help this help will popup a screen with some hints how to configure the timestamp. Example: /chatmod timestamp #FF0000$h:$m Result: 10:23Available Format Strings are:
$h Hour in 24h format
$t Hour in 12h format
$m Minute
$s Second
$p AM / PM
#XXXXXX Html Color Code
Timestamps can be disabled by entering: /chatmod timestamp/chatmod clear or clsThis commands clear every visible chatframe./chatmod initchan <channelname>Since 1.11 wow set the last joined channel as default channel for startup. With this command you can set any channel as default channel. The specified <channelname> will be initialized at the loading process. Tip: Casesensitive!

ChatSound Feature

Since 1.05 beta 3 it is possible to setup own mp3 files as sound notification event sounds. You can do this by replacing the 5 existing mp3 in the subfolder /audio/ in the Addons/ChatMOD/ Directory. This can be normal mp3s of your choice. You can setup them later in the game by entering the ChatSound menue in the ChatMOD GUI by typing /chatmod

The chatframe Scrolldown Button

After requested by several users ChatMOD now adds a button to the chatframe which is only visible if you have scrolled up in the window. If you click this button you automaticaly going down. Time to time on some Clients the button is set to the middle of the screen. But this is not a huge problem you can move the button individualy like you wish. Simple hold down the <CTRL> Key and drag the button to the Postition you want. After you stop draging and klick on the button this position is saved and will be restored each time your UI loads. This is save per Charackter .

Mousewheel Chatscrolling

With Chatmod you are able to use your Mousewheel to scoll the Chatwindow:MOUSE-WHEEL-UP: 1 line up MOUSE-WHEEL-DOWN: 1 line down <SHIFT> MOUSE-WHEEL-UP: 3 lines up <SHIFT> MOUSE-WHEEL-DOWN: 3 lines down <CTRL> MOUSE-WHEEL-UP: Jump to top <CTRL> MOUSE-WHEEL-DOWN: Jump to Bottom

Found a Bug or have a Feature Request ?

If you found a Bug or have a Featurerequest please use the provided Forum on my Website to Submit this. You don't have to register, you can submit Bugs / Requests Anonymous if you want to. Please use this Form because for me it is hard to recheck every Addonwebsite day by day and browsing the comments, writing down, checking and finaly do the work. Because this Addon is, like all other WoW Addons too, developed in the sparetime of a hobby programmer I don't want to stick in support and concentrate on the actual thing.

Download ?

You can Download the latest Version at Curse Gaming.

✉ Marco Götze//